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Want to Invest in SW Florida Properties? Here’s how.

Thinking about getting into Real Estate Investing but do not know where to start.  Here’s your solution – The SW Florida Real Estate Club.  This program has been developed  at the request of many of the members of the SWFL- Real Estate Investors group.  The biggest fear of many interested in Real Estate Investing is how to get started.  This program will not only assist in that decision, mentoring will be offered all through the program.  Our Newsletter will list properties we are considering or have under contract.

Part of the Newsletter topics covered will include:International Home Buyers

  • Setting goals
  • Finding your Real Estate Investing Niche
  • Ways to find your properties
    • Foreclosures
    • Short Sales
    • Distressed Owner negotiations
    • Tax Lien Sales
    • Farming Neighborhoods
  • Finding Financing and Joint Venture Partners
  • Flip vs. Holds – Working the numbers
  • Property Management
  • …….and much more.

Most importantly, we will find properties for you to buy individually or as part of the group.

To get on the Newsletter mailing list, email InvestSWFL@gmail.com.  Subject line – Add me to the list”.  The live meetings will be posted at http://www.meetup.com/SWFL-Real-Estate-Investors/.  Subscribe to get meeting notifications.

Let’s start buying Investment Properties!

Real Estate Services of SWFL, LLC

Mike Cathell,
Broker/Owner, Investment Property Consultant
Real Estate Services of SWFL, LLC

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Email:  InvestSWFL@gmail.com

Why Move to Florida?

Florida in November


Florida in December


Florida in January


Florida in February


Northern States Same Time Frame


Need to say more?  Call our Relocation Team NOW!

Mike Cathell,
Broker/Owner, Investment Property Consultant
Real Estate Services of SWFL, LLC

Cell:  (239) 770-6250   Fax:  (239) 288-2505
Email:  InvestSWFL@gmail.com

Customer Service Blog I Read Last Year but Still Meaningful Now!

What ‘Game of Thrones’ Can Teach Us About Great Customer Service

What could the characters of this epic fantasy drama, HBO’s Game of Thrones possibly teach us about offering awesome customer service? As it turns out, the Starks, Lannisters and all of the other characters can teach us quite a bit.

As the June 15 season finale of Game of Thrones rapidly approaches, I started to think about the connections between the fictitious Westeros continent and customer service. You might wonder what Game of Thrones and customer service have to do with each other. Isn’t everyone in Westeros vicious, bloodthirsty, and completely narcissistic? Isn’t winter coming? What could the characters of this epically-violent fantasy drama possibly tell us about offering awesome customer service? As it turns out, the Starks and Lannisters and their friends can teach us quite a bit.

Take Cersei Lannister. Sure she’s beautiful, but she’s hardly a poster child for the patience and compassion that are hallmarks of great customer service. Practically her only redeeming quality is her love for her family (and even that crosses the line). At a small business, your customers ARE your family. Attrition of even a few can have a devastating effect on your business. It costs 6 – 7 times more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one. Sure, it’s important to spotlight your products and promotions but if you want to be successful, you need to think of customers first.

When thinking about customers, look to the example of Bran Stark. Let’s just say that one of the younger Starks has a unique talent for getting into the minds of others. Bran is a useful reminder that customer service can give you valuable insights into customer needs and desires that can help set your product roadmap for the future. Anyone heard of New Coke? Or the Wi-Fi smart fridge? Don’t miss this opportunity to learn what your customers are thinking and always put yourself into the shoes of your customers. (Or is it the paws?)

Putting yourself into the someone else’s shoes is not enough. Like Robb Stark. Let’s just say there’s a reason why they call it the “Red Wedding.” Don’t repeat the King of the North’s experience when he went back on an agreement to marry one of Walder Frey’s daughters. Keep your products in stock. If you have SLAs, be sure to meet them. If you make a mistake, make it right with customers. Not only can you lose customers if you don’t, but when you lose the power of their positive word of mouth, you lose your most effective marketing tool. You need to always, always, always deliver on your promises to customers.

Speaking of going back on promises, how many of Theon Grayjoy’s problems could have been avoided if he hadn’t tried so hard to look important to his father, sister, and the Iron Islanders? Self-importance and pushing your weight around won’t make you successful. Sure, nobody likes to be yelled at by an angry customer, but sometimes it happens. Encourage employees to practice compassion. It may even help to motivate them. Make it a practice to show empathy to unhappy customers. Or — like Theon — you could lose the thing that’s most precious to you.

Another Game of Thrones regular who teaches us about empathy is Jon Snow, the bastard son of Ned Stark. How many times has he heard, “You know nothing, Jon Snow!”? In the business world, it’s easy to think that because we have the expertise and the systems to back us up, that we know everything. Major retailers like Nordstrom — which is known for high levels of service and customer loyalty — recognize that it pays to remember: The customer is always right.

Jon’s half-sister, Arya Stark, has lost just about everything that is precious to her — her family, her home, her pet direwolf. Not confined by her status as a highborn girl, she becomes a deadly sword fighter who is on a seemingly unending quest for vengeance. What can we learn from Arya’s experience? Never give up, even when dealing with an angry customer. Companies like Munchery, the online gourmet food delivery startup, know that even when dealing with a customer that’s furious, there’s always an opportunity to turn the detractor into a believer.

We can also learn from Arya’s nemesis — cruel, sadistic Joffrey Baratheon. Sure, it’s good to be king — It’s nice to be able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, and to whomever you want.  But that doesn’t work in the business world. Just about everyone’s heard that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. You need to treat your every customer well, every time. Joffrey’s experience when he marries Margaery Tyrell shows us this: If you treat people badly, it will catch up to you eventually.

Finally, consider Joffrey’s uncle, Tyrion Lannister. He doesn’t let his small stature stand in the way of his plans, and neither should any of today’s small businesses. With gazillions of consumers using social media, you need a multi-channel customer service solution like Desk.com that lets you respond to customers on Twitter and Facebook, and offer support via mobile devices. Because when you amplify your small business you can compete with the big guys.

Hopefully your relationships with customers are more positive — and less deadly — than most Westeros relationships. And that winter will never come for your business as long as you make customer service a priority!

Readers and Game of Thrones fans, what do you think we could learn about customer service from other Game of Thrones characters such as Daenerys Targaryen, Littlefinger, Varys or Stannis Baratheon? Please add your thoughts in the comments.

Leyla Seka leads Salesforce’s Desk.com.


Mario Franchini – Co-Owner, Residential Home Sales & Property Manager

Mario Franchini is a real estate professional/Broker and top producing agent in the SW Florida area.  In his words:

“I have lived in Cape Coral since 2004 and have called Cape Coral, Florida my home and the place to develop my passion for real estate which I started in 1998 in the Miami area.Mario Franchini

In my practice of over 16 years in Real Estate, I am well known for great customer service, communication and strong attention to the details which makes every transaction a pleasant experience for all parties whether you are buying, selling or renting. In the last 5 years, I have added Property Management with great success representing investors from different parts of the world like Japan, Israel, Canada and United Kingdom.

Since 1998 I helped nearly 300 families achieve the dream of home ownership in South Florida. I know what it takes to successfully close a transaction.

I’m not #1, YOU are!”

Mario Franchini
Broker Associate/Property Manager
Real Estate Services of SWFL
13180 N. Cleveland Ave # 207
N. Fort Myers, Fl. 33903
Cell: 239-810-1822

Motivational Monday – September 29, 2014






Mike Cathell,
Broker/Owner, Investment Property Consultant
Real Estate Solutions of SWFL, LLC

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Investment Property for Game of Thrones fans

Looking for that special Investment Property?  Check this out:


(Click on pic!)

Mike Cathell,
Broker/Owner, Investment Property Consultant
Real Estate Services of SWFL, LLC

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Summer is Coming: Buy Game Of Thrones’ Red Keep For $743,132,880

Moving and Arranging my New “House”????

Several years ago I wrote on several Real Estate blogs for my self and my at that time Broker.  This past year I decided to open my Brokerage so I am now consolidating several of my old blogs into this one.  Some are still current and some will need to be updated a little.  I hope you enjoy these “oldies but goodies”.

This was written on September 23, 2009 under the title “Why Use a Baby Boomer Realtor?”:

Baby Boomers, it’s time we start thinking about our upcoming retirement.  SW Florida has long been a vacation spot for “Boomers” but now is the time to take advantage of prices in Ft. Myers and Cape Coral.  Prices have made many homes extremely affordable.  The median price in SW Florida has dropped to [$148,000] for a basic home which is a significant drop from the [$350,000] from a few years ago [during the Boom].  Now is the time for Boomers to use these prices (as well as the low mortgage interest rates) to get the home they want in Florida.

Being a “Boomer” myself, I understand downsizing, empty nests and low maintenance features.  I will use this blog to inform other Boomers about changes in the Florida

Welcome to Sunny Florida!
Welcome to Sunny Florida!

market as well as keep current lists of specially priced houses for my readers.  I will keep an eye on investment trends also if your intention is to find rental properties for retirement income.  Another […] blog, will include useful phone numbers plus places to shop, golf, boat or just enjoy a special event on our gorgeous beaches.

I will also be adding some of my favorite Baby Boomer blogs and web sites.  These sites will include lots of information plus a little humor tossed in if you need a lift.  Use the subscription bars to add me to your email so you don’t miss any of the information.  If there is anything you want to know more about, leave a comment here or feel free to email me.  All of my info is below!

I look forward to helping you get relocated to our sunny shores, give me a yell!

Mike Cathell,
Broker/Owner, Investment Property Consultant
Real Estate Services of SWFL, LLC

Cell:  (239) 770-6250   Fax:  (239) 220-5508
Email:  InvestSWFL@gmail.com