Wholesale Property Investment Update

Our company receives Wholesale Property Lists from National Corporate Lenders.  In about 2 weeks, we will be part of the Distribution Team for one of the largest Corporate Lenders in the Unites States.

Some of the features of our properties:

  • Unlisted, pre-Auction, Corporate Owned properties
  • Available in almost every state (except Alaska and Hawaii)
  • Both Residential and Commercial Properties are available
  • All prices on list have been negotiated with the Lenders – no guesswork on prices
  • Can close in 15 days if needed
  • Not advertised publicly
  • Limited, exclusive mailings
  • Direct access for Buyer to Seller on large properties
  • No commissions paid.  Each property requires a 3% Buyers’ fee added to price

We are limiting the number of Investors that will receive these lists (usually 2 lists/month).  We work directly with the Principal Buyer and put them in direct contact with the Seller if necessary.

If you are an agent, we MUST have access to the Principal Buyer since Urgency is a must.  We do not pay commissions.  Any arrangements for you must be added to the Letter of Intent and are paid by your Buyer.

If interested in being added to this list, please email InvestSWFL@gmail.com.  You must include a verifiable website or Bio, a list of your Investment Interests (location, type of property, and price range) plus a “soft” Proof of Funds which is a letter from your Bank or Attorney stating you have funds for Investing.  We will send you a Non-Disclosure, Non Circumvent Agreement.  Once all is approved, you will receive property lists as they become available.

Many of these properties sell within hours of our mailing so don’t delay!  Send the above info to InvestSWFL@gmail.com.

Mike Cathell,
Broker Associate, Investment Property Consultant

Home Huters USA, LLC

Cell:  (239) 770-6250

Email:  InvestSWFL@gmail.com

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