Wholesale Properties Procedure

My partners and I have access to off-market Properties from one of the largest Financial Lenders in the United States. Their Asset Manager will supply us with lists of Residential and Commercial properties 7 days before they are distributed to local asset managers for public listings.

I know 7 days is a short period but we have already sold dozens of these properties in our first run tests. Seven days lead for off-market properties is better than zero-day leads. Plus, you can add additional time by submitting your Letter of Intent.

Our information:

Get on our mailing list by emailing InvestSWFL@gmail.com. Subject: Off Market Property.
The list will be emailed to you the morning the list is generated.
Prices on the list are Reserve Prices the Funders will take. Very rarely is the price discounted. Sometimes, we can get a discount for package purchase.


Submit Letter of Intent (LOI) listing offer, specific property address, 7 day inspection period and any conditions.
Include an additional 4% of Purchase Price as Buyer Premium
Principals Only – if represented by Real Estate Agent, Buyer pays their commission.
Email offer to InvestSWFL@gmail.com.
Treat offer as if in a Multiple Offer situation. Submit “As-Is offer, Highest and Best”
Reminder: LOI is NOT a contract but a negotiation tool showing your interest in a property.

Currently, most of the properties are in Florida. We have both residential and commercial properties. If you have interests in another State, send me a specific property type, a price range and locations of interest.

Previous list example:

The first price is the Bank Price. Next is After Repair Value. i.e. $320,000 is the price from Bank and this property is valued at $400,000 after repairs completed. Other information will be in the comments column.

Tampa FL  33609       5 2 2111     $ 320,000.00     $ 400,000.00     Vacant
Tampa FL 33604        3 2 772       $ 55,000.00        $ 75,000.00      $ 800.00 rent/unit
Tampa FL 33610        4 3 2413     $ 73,000.00        $ 175,000.00    Vacant
St Pete FL 33713        2 1 788        $ 80,000.00       $ 150,000.00     Vacant

Email InvestSWFL@gmail.com or text 239-770-6250 to get on the mailing list or for more info.


Mike Cathell,
Broker Associate, Investment Property Consultant

Records Results Real Estate

Cell:  (239) 770-6250   Fax:  (239) 288-2505

Email:  InvestSWFL@gmail.com

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