Got Property Investment Strategy?

I have a small Property Investment & Strategy group that  meets in SW Florida and the question I ask the most often is “What is your Property Investment Strategy?”  Most often the answer – “I don’t have one.”

To  quote the Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland” – “If you do not know where you are going, it does not matter how you get there!”

Enough quotation marks!  The point is how can you measure your progress if you do not have a plan?  There is an endless list of ways to make money in Real Estate Property Investing.  Some of the choices you need to make include:

  • Residential or Commercial?
  • If Residential – Single Family Homes, Condos or Duplex?
  • If Commercial – Multi-family, Offices or Retail?
  • Flip or Hold?
  • If hold -manage myself or pay property manager?
  • If flip – wholesale or rehab?
  • and it goes on and on…..

Our group has a three-year plan that involves flipping at first. The next phase will be to continue flipping properties but to hold select properties as cash flow properties.  The third phase will continue flipping and holding but now to add building houses to our portfolio.

Watch for future blogs if you are interested in being a member of our Southwest and Central Florida Investment Groups.

Mike Cathell,
Broker/Owner, Investment Property Consultant

Real Estate Services of Citrus County, LLC
Real Estate Services of SWFL, LLC


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