Property Investors, Why SW Florida?

Very frequently, I get asked why SW Florida for Property Investing?  What makes us different from the other “Hot Spots”?  Investors are very aware that Real Estate is on the rise again and now is the time to be looking for Investment quality properties.  But again, why SW Florida?

Baby Boomers –

Welcome to Sunny Florida!
Welcome to Sunny Florida!

The Boomer group is one of the largest groups in the US population and guess what?  It’s time for us to retire and we have in our mind “Retire to Florida”.   Florida is about to have the largest population migration in its history.  This mass migration will need housing and many want new construction.  Building permits in SW Florida counties are triple what they were at the same time last year.

Economic Advantages –

The hardest hit areas during the economic drop are the first to recover making them the “Hot Spots” for Real Estate Investors.  The Economic Development Councils for both the local cities and counties are courting businesses and developers to our area.  Their offices offer tax advantages, construction liaison assistance, grants and much more.

New construction is being seen in all areas of Real Estate.  Developments have begun construction of new housing.  Retail and office construction are springing up on many corners.  Old buildings brought down to make room for the new.

Housing prices are starting to increase but many values still exist.  One of my local Investors is closing on 5 to 7 houses every month.  All are 40 to 60 % below current market value.  Some get rehab for flip, others are held as lease to own properties and still others are wholesale properties.

Lifestyle –

SW Florida in particular offers the lifestyle pictured in the travel brochures.  Sunny beaches, luxury living, lavish golf courses, boating of all types, (did I say, sunny beaches?), night life, shopping and much more!  Retirement communities and family communities are both plentiful.  Builders have many designs for leisure living.

Opportunities are available for every Real Estate Investor or future Home Owner.  Don’t be one of those that miss the opportunities again this round.  Call today to join our Investment Property list.



Mike Cathell,
Broker/Owner, Investment Property ConsultantReal estate Solutions of SWFL, LLC
Real Estate Services of SWFL, LLC


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