Using Options to Buy and Lease Property – Investors Meetup, Ft. Myers




(click picture for meeting details)


Using Options is a unique way to both acquire a property or to lease and sell the Investment property. Spencer has bought, leased and sold millions of dollars of property over the years using this technique.

Spencer will discuss how to find properties and gain control of the purchase using a sales option. Rent to own leases are becoming more popular with tenants but there is a huge shortage of eligible properties. Shortage = Opportunity = Profit!

Mike will discuss our program named Neighbors Healing Neighborhoods which brings Investors and lease-to-own tenants together. It’s a win-win program that gets people hard hit by the economy back into houses.

At the halfway mark, Spencer will take the current participants of “Flippin’ U” to your room. You have the Bandit signs, the calls are coming and now you need to turn prospects into customers.

Networking at 6:00 pm and meeting starts at 6:30 pm.

Mike will stay in large room to bring new attendees up to date on “Flippin’ U”, goal setting and how to get started in Property Investing.

Bring your thirst for knowledge, enthusiasm for Real Estate Investing and your sense of humor to become a member of this hands on Investing group.


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