New Investors – Are you Being Mentored or Lectured?

This week we took a group of our new and experienced Investors on a Property Caravan.  We visited several of the properties our team is currently rehabbing to prepare for sale.  The group saw several properties ranging from a completed rehab on a manufactured home on the market as a lease to own at $29,900 up to a waterfront pool house purchased for $390,000 that comps show it should be priced around $775,000 when returned to the market.

At the first few houses, our team explained the decisions made for rehab/remodeling.  Why certain improvements add value and others do not.  Why some small changes increase value more than major remodels.  As the caravan progressed, the Investors were asked their suggestions until they wrote an entire plan on the last house.  Know what?  They get it!  as a matter of fact, they had suggestions and ideas our team will use in the rehab.

Our team spends hands-on time with our group.  I know I personally learn quicker and retain information longer when I actually dive in and work.  If you are in SW Florida, you are welcome to join us.  Not in SW Florida?  We will be doing videos of our mentoring and training.  Watch our site because we hope to broadcast live during the sessions.

I am adding some pictures of our trip below.  Enjoy and join us!


Mike Cathell,
Broker/Owner, Investment Property ConsultantJ
Real Estate Services of SWFL, LLC

20140902_151432 20140902_151413 20140902_144553 20140902_141655 20140902_141633 20140902_124432 20140902_124418

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