Neighbors Healing Neighborhoods Needs Investors!

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Neighbors Healing Neighborhoods is a program that is of special interest to our group.  The plan is to “Heal” neighborhoods hit hard the past few years leaving families upside down in their houses.  If there is only one mortgage, we negotiate a short sale for the family.  If there are 2 mortgages from different banks, we can sometimes help the family out of the foreclosure process all together.

Our group is finding properties for a lease to own program for families and individuals who lost their home during the financial crisis of the past few years.  We find abandoned houses and rehab them to become someone’s home.  A family can lease the properties for up to 3 years with a chance to refinance and buy the house at the end of the lease.

The group has been closing on 4 to 6 houses a month but we have a waiting list of families wanting to be part of this program.  I need Property Investors to assist in the program.  You can live any where in the world and participate here in SW Florida which is a great market for Investors.

Our properties are purchased for between 40-60% below market value.  We have a rehab group that turns these homes from the “worst house in the neighborhood” to an affordable Dream home for a family.  We will show new Investors our program and do a Joint Venture with the Investor also.

So whether you are a new, a novice or an experienced Investor, we need help buying more homes.  Purchase under market and flip or rent to help Our Neighbors get their life back.  A win-win for all!


Mike Cathell,
Broker/Owner, Investment Property ConsultantJ
Real Estate Services of SWFL, LLC



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