Why your business must be “Mobile”

How well do you know your customers and how they are searching, shopping and telling others about their experiences???  Well, look in the mirror, how do you do it all…

You do it on a mobile device right, with the ability to reach thousands of people on a social and personal level 24/7 from the palm of your hand.

Our mobile devices have taken over our lives and whether we admit  it or not if we go more an hour during the day without our tablet, smart phone or I Phone (some of us less time)…Well you know how that’s going to go.

Believe it or not there are still about 70% of businesses out there who do not have a mobile site for their customers or potential customers to reach them.  The number is even higher for the smaller local businesses.  Just because you have an awesome web site with lots of pictures and information about who you are, what you do etc. no one will find you, unless they are sitting at home on their computer and if they do find you on a mobile they will (usually within 30 seconds or less) go to your competition…

“Why is that?” you ask… Because your site is not Mobile Friendly and cannot be seen properly on their mobile device or tablet in some cases without having to pinch, drag, spread and twist their screen to see what they want.  Also, if they are looking online for your type of business and you do not have a mobile site, you will not even show up on their searches.

The major on line search engines are setup to bring people to mobile optimized sites first because they  know people are searching from a mobile device on the go.

As far as marketing your company on line, once you have a mobile site you are going to have to re-think and modify the way you market yourself to cater to your mobile community. Everyone is well aware of the impact Social Media and the various Social sites have on everyday life, and how not only information but visual content and people’s experiences (good and bad) are being shared and found.

Mobile has taken over the way advertising is being done. Newspaper ads, radio ads, TV ads and those yellow page ads are a thing of the past for our fast paced, skip to the facts and “info asap” world. How many people open e-mails that you do not recognize, or “snail mail” for that matter? SMS, auto responders, lead capture pages, push notification and geo location marketing and QR codes are methods of sending and getting info to and from people now.

In future blog posts, I will break down all the various parts to mobile marketing that were briefly covered here as well as more in depth explanations on how to set up and adjust what you are currently doing without being taken for a ride by the many would be fly by night affiliate marketers. You can be miles ahead of your competition and stand out in the Social Mobile Market.


Shawn Jones

SWFL Mobile Fusion

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