SW Florida Mobile Fusion – Shawn Jones, Application Designer

I try to stay on top of technology to grow my business.  Unfortunately, I do not want to take the time to learn but as you know I find specialists to add to my ever growing team.  Recently I met Shawn Jones through a business contact and we are working on my mobile apps.  Here is a message from Shawn about his background:

“For over 20 year I have been in management with B2B, B2C, Retail and the restaurant industry. I grew up overseas in Europe and learned the value of a well- rounded cultural and educational back ground, and how it has come to help me in various areas of my life. Educationally my BA studies have covered psychology, business, marketing and some pre -med courses.  After moving to FL from New England in 2004 I worked in the mortgage and real estate industry (both buying and selling as well as rehabbing) for about 4 years. I took time off for my second kidney transplant and while recovering started to study and learn (through online courses and books) all about the social mobile marketing industry and saw where it was headed and that everyone was going to need to know about it. I believe I have made the right connections and partnerships to be able to put together an awesome team that will help businesses of all types lead their industries into the future via the growing social mobile marketing industry.”

Shawn Jones

Cell:  (239) 297-5965

Web site: SWFL Mobile Fusion link

Email: swflmobilefusion@yahoo.com

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