YOU ONLY FAIL IF YOU QUIT! by Julie Broad from Rev N You with Real Estate

Often I am asked, what do I read to get information and education on Real Estate Investing.  One of my favorite is Rev N You with Real Estate.  The following is from an email sent from Julie Broad that hit home.  Enjoy and check out their site.

Dear Mike, 

When I was in University working towards my Business degree, I had to take some nasty courses. Calculus, Accounting, Stats, Finance and Economics were amongst the ones I categorized as nasty. 

Calculus, in particular, was a massive challenge for me. After midterms, I was failing. The final exam was worth 50% so I still had a shot of pulling myself up out of the land of “F” but I would end up with an ugly grade no matter what I did. 

I did what I thought I had to do to save myself from a D or an F on my final transcripts – I dropped out of Finance and Calculus. 

I did not fail though. I enrolled in those classes again, hired a tutor and worked my butt off. I finished both Finance and Calculus with an A and on the Calculus final exam I took home the HIGHEST 
score in my class. 

I freaking hate Calculus … I don’t like finance either … I would much rather write just about anything than calculate numbers for anything … but I got some help and came back to CRUSH the numbers. 

I didn’t fail. The only way I would have failed is if I gave up. 


This is true of everything in your life … but especially real estate. 

At a Toronto Investor Forum, Cary Mullen, downhill skiing world record holder and now real estate developer, said “The prize is at the other side of your fear”. And the reality is that most of us aren’t fearing something that will kill us, we’re fearing the social embarrassment of failing. So I wanted to let you know that YOU ONLY FAIL if you quit… so as long as you’re committed to making it happen you have nothing to fear. You will not fail. 

You actually might be surprised to learn of all the GREATNESS in the world that comes out of mistakes. 

I am sure you’ve heard of how we got Post It Notes? That was a mistake … chemist Spencer Silver was trying to create a stickier more adhesive glue. It didn’t work, obviously. Then his colleague Art Fry started using them for sticking bookmarks into books. Today’s Post It Note would not exist if it were not for the mistake of Spencer Silver. 

Starbucks started as a mistake too.


The first store didn’t even sell coffee! If you’ve been to the flagship store in Seattle you’ll notice it’s different than the other stores of today. It sold herbs, beans and teas. It also sold coffee equipment. It didn’t have espresso. It wasn’t until it was sold to Schultz, rebranded and adjusted to focus on selling espresso that it took off. But the Starbucks of today may not exist if it were not for the founders of the first Starbucks who began!


Seth Godin, in his latest book ‘Poke the Box‘ says this about Starbucks:

But what if the “wrong” Starbucks had never been built? What if Jerry and his partners had said “Well, we’re not sure if this bean thing is going to work, so let’s do nothing”? Without Jerry Baldwin and his flawed idea for a coffee bean store, there’d be no Frappuccino. One led to the other by the usual rout, which is never a straight line.

So my message to you today is simple! Step up … step out … and START. You never know when you’re going to make the BEST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE! It just might be today.

Here’s to the mistakes we’ll make! 

Best regards, 


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