Flippin’ Facts from Rick Corbin – Part 2 of 3

More on House Flipping –

This is where I was introduced to sweat equity. I learned that avoid the likely hood of performing sweat equity, make your money on the buy and realize it on the sale.

The ceiling was another one more issue to address. Remember it had been taken considerable damage from the previous owner’s run-in with the authorities. So, I removed the entire ceiling to the studs: lathe, plaster, and some old knob and tube wiring. Ooops!

With this ceiling, the best idea was to rewire, lower it, slap up some drywall and put in can lights .

Lend the illusion of

The kitchen was very small so we had to come up with an idea on how to open it up without changing the position of any of the walls. That would have been cost prohibitive. The kitchen had a small rectangular serving opening to the dining room and here is what we came up with. Give the illusion of more space in the kitchen with curves and widening the serving access to the dining room. Ah! That’s better.

The bones:

Almost there – Part 3 on the way.

If you have not been watching from the beginning, here is Part 1.

Rick Corbin

RLC Real Estate Properties,  LLC
Cranberry Township,  PA 16066

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