Real Estate Investment Predictions

I continually watch online trends, read Real estate blogs, go to Networking groups as well as just drive around my area to observe and discuss what is happening in Real Estate.  Once a year, I make my predictions of where the best upcoming Real Estate niches are for investors.  These are the areas I will be moving my client base towards.

Student housing –  As the father of 3 currently enrolled college students, Student housing is at the top of my list.  my children are attending college in 3 very different cities in Florida but all have the same problem.  Finding quality housing that is close to their respective closets.  as colleges become more crowded, the need for off campus housing is growing.  I have written about unique ways to attract students (and their parents) to a more upscale house for their housing.

Retail and Warehouse condos – Two different factors are pushing these particular niches.  The first is the improvement of the economy in the areas that were hit hardest in the economy drop a few years ago.  Financial assistance has been put into these areas to help bring back economic growth.  The second factor is the movement of retirees to the Sun Belt, especially Florida.  The new Retirees, or Baby Boomers, are a different type of retiree.  They are down-sizing, moving to warmer climates and starting a small business.  They are not content to just sit on the porch.

Self-Storage – As with the above group, as boomers downsize and move, they need to store the furniture and belongings they can no linger fit in their smaller homes but are not quite ready to be given up.  Also, these same retirees are turning their hobbies into cottage industries and need a place to store their supplies and products away from their homes.newconstructionsaw

New Home Construction – Once again, the Boomers are driving this part of the Real Estate investment market.  The new retirees have worked long and hard to reach this time in their lives.  They do not want to purchase “someone else’s” house and potential problems.  They are finally buying building their Dream Homes.  Building permits are being pulled in larger numbers.  If the Investor is not ready to retire, these homes can become income properties.  They can be rented to new retirees and families relocating to an area or the can be leased back to the Builders looking for model homes.

Keep coming back for more updates, I will be adding more professionals in the Real Estate business soon.

Mike Cathell,
Broker/Owner, Investment Property Consultant
Real Estate Solutions of SWFL, LLC

Cell:  (239) 770-6250   Fax:  (239) 220-5508


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