AdvantaIRA Trust LLC – Fort Myers/Naples, Florida

Advanta IRA is comprised of a group of elite self-directed IRA administrators serving clients nationwide. While maintaining separate entities, we work and market ourselves together to offer clients exceptional experience and knowledge that is paramount in administrating self-directed IRAs.

AdvantaIRA Trust, LLC, is headquartered in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida. The Southwest Florida office was opened in May 2003, but its parent company started in 1994 as Real Estate Tax Specialty office. Fort Myers is the original base of AdvantaIRA Trust’s locations, which include Miami and Gainesville offices. Dave Owens, President, oversees all transactions and compliance matters from this office. The Fort Myers asset base is real estate and our unique and extensive experience has made us a leader in teaching our distinctive tax-free strategies. This office also provides the services of 1031 exchanges to its clients.

AdvantaIRA Trust’s focus is a desire to help our clients obtain freedom and control of their financial decisions by teaching our unique strategies and maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

AdvantaIRA Trust’s Ideology 

We are here to S.E.R.V.E you…

Solutions (What can I do for you?)


Relationships (3 Cs – Communicate/Candid/Cultivate)

Vital (Are you important?)


Management Staff

Dave Owens – Managing Member // Contact Info 239-333-1032 x155
Dave Owens is the president of AdvantaIRA Trust, LLC, a third-party administrator for self-directed IRAs and retirement plans. His background as a certified public accountant, combined with a long history of personal retirement self-direction, provides his audiences and clients with solid advice and practical solutions to their IRA investment questions. Dave holds a BS in accounting from Purdue University. Dave has also earned the prestigious Certified Exchange Specialist designation through the Federation of Exchange Accomodators. He spent the first 15 years in public accounting starting with Deloitte, Haskins and Sells. Dave has spoken with hundreds of groups about the power and possibilities of IRA self-direction, and provides continuing education seminars to attorneys, CPAs and real estate professionals. He has also appeared as a guest speaker on local and national investment radio shows and at local and national conferences. You will find his passion for building wealth in your IRA contagious and entertaining.
Theresa Knower // Contact Info 239-333-1031 x115
Theresa Knower is better known as “Mama T” in the office. It may be due to the fact that she is the first to remind everyone to clean up after themselves and always mind their manners, or it could be due to the fact that she is a thirty-something working in an office overflowing with 20-somethings. She has had to face the harsh reality that very few people in the office share her intense appreciation for the 80s since most of them were still in diapers when she was rocking out to Bon Jovi, and Barbie and Ken were a happily married doll couple with a very bright future. If you have questions on how to successfully defer taxes on the sale of investment property through the use of a 1031 exchange, or you want to know how to invest in real estate with your IRA, or if you want to just reminisce about the time when MTV actually played music videos, give her a call!
hall thumbnail004Brandon Hall- IRA Director // Contact Info 239-333-1032 x153
Brandon “Too Small” Hall moved to Southwest Florida after graduating from the fourteen-time football national champions, University of Alabama. Despite being surrounded by office Florida Gators, Brandon trudges forward like the old Atari “Pitfall” game, often only stopping to rest on top of the Gators. Brandon and his wife, Jennifer, who he met in college, have already successfully brainwashed their two sons, Preston and Kellan, as well as several local friends. Brandon is certified by the American Banking Association as an IRA specialist and can help you understand the rules and regulations of IRAs, transaction scenarios, IRS reporting, or why your team is inferior to the Crimson Tide.

Senior Associates

dineen thumbnail009Kelsey Dineen, CISP – Real Estate Associate // Contact Info 239-333-1032 x114
As a Southwest Florida native, Kelsey Dineen is as rare as the Florida panther and twice as deadly when it comes to closing real estate transactions. Wild and elusive, she thrives in the legal jungle of self-directed IRAs and the IRS regulations surrounding them. As a graduate from the University of Florida, she is also referred to as a Gator. Carnivorous comparisons aside, she prefers tofu over steak. If you seek to purchase real estate or notes in a self-directed retirement plan, she is happy to serve as your guide.

582_Greg touch up

Greg Degilio, CISP – Transaction / Sales Associate // Contact Info 239-333-1032 x116
Originally from the financial center of the modern world, Syracuse, New York, Greg brought his talents to South Florida five years ago. After graduating from Lutgert College of Business at Florida Gulf Coast University with a BS in finance, Greg began opening new accounts and processing transfer requests. Currently, he is involved in processing private placement/LLC transactions and futures/forex business development. Logically, growing up playing ice hockey in one of the coldest snowiest places in the country, he is the first in the office to complain about how cold it is.


Amy Blanco –  Associate & Marketing // Contact Info 239-333-1032 x154
Amy Blanco is originally from the windy city of Chicago but is a Florida girl at heart. She attended the International Academy of Design and Technology in Tampa. Sadly, her school doesn’t have a mascot, so she was forced at gunpoint to be an adopted Gator. Since Amy is the computer savvy and creative one on the team, she is the first one everyone runs to when they can’t turn on their computers or convert a document to a PDF. Her days consist of futures/forex and marketing.  Basically, she helps out everywhere she can, so please contact her if you need any assistance with your Advanta IRA!


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