Property Investment Learning Events

My interest in Real Estate Investing Tools was planted many tears ago by Advanta IRA.  Over the years, I have attended many seminars and networking events from invitations by David Owens, President of AdvantaIra Trust, LLC, and Theresa Knower, Chief Operating Officer.

Everyone on their team is knowledgeable and efficient when using Self-Directed IRA’s and 1031 Exchanges as Real Estate Investing tools.  Dave was a featured guest on my radio show and Theresa has graciously allowed me to speak at some of their Investment Seminars.

Recently, I was one of the graduates of the 2013 Advanta University (Check it out here!).  This 4 session seminar was designed for Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Brokers/agents and Mortgage Brokers to learn the use and regulations of Self-Directed IRA’s and 1031 Exchanges to better assist their clients with Real Estate Investment decisions.

Amy Blanco, an Associate dealing with Forex/Futures Investing, has graciously sent over the training and networking calendars for their office:

Fort Myers/Naples Office Events

Miami/Fort Lauderdale Events

I’ve already mentioned it is time to take the first step in your Real Estate Investing Career (First Step Blog), so now take the next step and attend these events to learn about the valuable tools you have at your disposal!

Get in touch with Amy tiday!

Amy Blanco 
Client Service Associate/Marketing Coordinator 
AdvantaIRA Trust, LLC 
1520 Royal Palm Sq. Blvd. #320 | Fort Myers, FL 33919

See you there!

Time to Invest in Real Estate

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