Pick Your Best Property Investment Strategy

Several years ago, I decided it was time to become rich investing in Real Estate.  I had a simple strategy:

  • I spent hours on-line researching the “Gurus” of the real estate industry.
  • I pulled out my credit card and bought their CD’s, DVD’s, ebooks and courses.
  • I put these on the shelf and let them gather dust until they finally ended up in a garage sale.
  • I realized, great mind that I am, I needed personal instruction!
  • Out came the credit cards and thousands of dollars were spent going to live seminars from Real Estate Gurus where I could once again buy their CD’s, DVD’s, books and all-inclusive Investment Strategy course packets.
  • Once again, I had a nice package of materials for another garage sale.
The Golden Egg
Now I am older and wiser and last year I had my “Aha” moment.  Instead of reading, watching and listening to the piles of material that I accumulated, I interviewed mentors in my own home town.  I did say “interviewed”.  My “Aha” moment was realizing the best way to become successful in Investing is to find someone right in my own backyard who is a successful Investor.  After, several interviews I picked the person who would become my mentor on this journey into Property Investing.  I have been very fortunate and through my mentor I have met several other successful Property Investors.  So far, I am experiencing one of the best years in Real Estate income I have experienced in a long time.
Strategy #1 was mentioned in another recent blog (click here), find your Investment Property Niche.
Strategy #2, find a successful Investor and let that person become your mentor.
The relationship must be mutually beneficial to you both.  For example, become a bird-dog for the Investor and learn how to find good deals.  Investment Property Strategies will be bringing you these successful Investors.  We will walk you through actual days of research, planning, finding, procuring and flipping  Investment Properties as explained by our Investors. With the help of the internet, your backyard becomes their backyard!  Contact me now at InvestSWFL@gmail.com or call 239-770-6250 to become part of this group.

Mike Cathell, Investment Property Specialist

Broker / Owner of Real Estate Solutions of SWFL, LLC

Cell: 239-770-6250 Fax: 239-220-5508

Email: InvestSWFL@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Pick Your Best Property Investment Strategy

  1. Great post! Didn’t think about niche-ing investors. I figured investors were already a niche on its own.

    I didn’t really believe in hiring a business mentor until I tried it and it has been the best money well spent! I’m with you on that mentorship– it is mutually beneficial!

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